Saturday 1st June 2024

Belle, the UK’s newest Pop/Rock singer

Belle is a seventeen year-old singer/songwriter from the Midlands, with a passion for music, fashion, dance and porridge!
Having grown up in a family stuffed full of hit singles and fun, Belle is a confident performer, writer and singer, busily marking out her own very individual creative vision Belle grew up singing along to Avril Lavigne and performing whenever and wherever she got the chance to do so

Her music draws inspiration from her own experiences and how she overcame some difficult times on her journey. Her songs are powerful and uplifting, with an underlying message of kindness, hope and strength through adversity
Over the last few years Belle has directed her creative skills to express empathy through her music and is now the new voice of her generation in waiting. Her lyrics not only reflect the times we are living in but the emotional highs and lows of her generation. Belle represents the kids who have no voice, who can’t or don’t speak out

Through October to December 2022, Belle undertook an extensive schools’ tour with an audience of 10k schoolchildren aged 9 to 13 across over 40 schools in the Midlands and Devon. As well as performing,
Belle did a presentation and took open questions about mental health, online safety and cyberbullying whilst closely referencing her own experiences. In July 2023, Belle went back on the road to perform a very special 2-week end of school year tour celebrating with an audience of over 4k schoolchildren in the Midlands area. More recently towards the end of 2023 Belle performed sets at Tattershall Lakes Country Park and the Reading Pride Festival to appreciative audience.